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    About Us


    Our affordable publications can be customized with your organization’s name, logo, color, and contact information, or you can fully brand with your design. Electronic licensing or eBooks are available.

    Contact us with questions, feedback, or for free samples of any of our printed materials.

    BRANDED BOOKLETS improve CMS, CAHPS, and EGSS performance. Comprehensive and easy-to-read content can be edited to suit your organization’s needs. Spanish translations are also available; contact us for other languages. Topics include:

    ·         Caregiver support for end of life, ADLs, dementia support, and seriously ill veterans

    ·         Healthcare decision making for dialysis, CPR, and ANH

    ·         Education on dyspnea and opioids

    ·         Defining palliative care, home care, private duty, and hospice care

    ·         End-of-life discussions and advance care planning

    ·         Grief support for adults, children, and teens

    CUSTOM QUARTERLY NEWSLETTERS educate providers, strengthen clinician relationships, and encourage referrals. We offer two different clinical newsletters and a short bulletin for the general public.

    FEATURED BOOK, Hard Choices for Loving People, by Hank Dunn, MDiv, helps seriously ill patients and their families with healthcare decision making. Over 3.8 million copies have been sold. Spanish translation is available. Topics include:

    ·         Setting goals of care before making healthcare decisions

    ·         CPR, feeding tubes, dialysis, palliative care, hospice care, and other considerations for seriously ill patients

    ·         Emotional and spiritual concerns at the end of life for people of any (or no) faith background

    Contact the author for your next speaking event: Email or call 877-513-0099 and dial 0.