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    About Us

    A Message To Hospice Leaders:

    At Delta Care, we are passionate about your hospice mission. Delta Care management has been working with hospice leaders since the late 1990s to develop and implement patient-centered, cost-effective pharmacy solutions that advance the hospice mission. Based on our experience and record of accomplishment, we ask you: As a hospice, palliative care and/or serious illness provider, do you want to...

    • ensure you’re getting full value for every dollar you spend on pharmacy...
    • know exactly what you pay for every prescription...
    • have real options as to how those meds are delivered to your patients...
    •  know exactly how and how much your pharmacy and/or pharmacy benefit manager gets paid...
    • bring innovative solutions to the bedside that not only simplify things for your clinicians but support quality care...
    • move into the future with a company committed to making the jobs of clinicians at the bedside easier and more efficient...
    • partner with a company founded, owned and operated by pharmacists with an unyielding passion for, and commitment to, serious illness, hospice and palliative care...
    • not do business with a pharmacy benefit manager owned by an insurance conglomerate, or, even worse, by one of your hospice/home health competitors?

    Then talk to Delta Care Rx today to learn more about how Delta Care’s pharmacy benefit management, Rx mail order, and related products and services can ensure your bottom-line sustainability, quality of care, clinician satisfaction and peace of mind.


    What sets Delta Care apart from other Pharmacy Benefit Managers?

    • Pharmacist owned and operated
    • Not owned by venture capitalists or private equity groups
    • Not owned by one of your hospice/home health competitors
    • Not owned by a managed care conglomerate
    • Serving hospice and palliative care only
    • Fierce and unyielding commitment to customer service
    • Transparent, pass-through pricing
    • Innovative technology
    • Commitment to leadership and creative disruption among hospice PBMs
    • Commitment to working strategically with community-based pharmacies

    Delta Care Rx—A Technology Innovator and Industry Disruptor

    Delta Care was formed in 2008 with a commitment to disrupt the status quo in hospice and serious illness pharmacy benefit management through innovation, technology, fierce customer service and quality care.

    And today, when the largest PBMs serving hospice and serious illness providers are owned either by giant insurance companies or long-term care pharmacies, and when several of these corporations also own large for-profit hospice providers, disruption and innovation are more vital than ever to large numbers of hospice providers.

    Delta Care innovation and disruption has ushered in

    1. Price transparency in medication purchasing
    2. e-Prescribing from notes or dictation
    3. Pharmacist video consults with clinicians at the bedside
    4. No penalties for going off-formulary
    5. A white-label, turn-key software suite to support providers’ telehealth needs
    6. Aggravation-free integration with providers’ EMRs
    7. Virtual intake portal to ease admissions to reduce burdens on admissions nurses and family members
    8. A remote-controlled dispensing pharmacy for hospice houses and inpatient care centers
    9. A one-tap and voice activated virtual assistant for clinicians
    10. Web-based, easy-to-use reports generator

    Delta Care Products & Services

    Pharmacy Benefit Management

    The industry leader in cost transparency, formulary flexibility, local pharmacy partnerships, service, clinical leadership...and more

    Mail Order Pharmacy

    Offering a broader network, better service and more transparent pricing

    Infusion Pharmacy Services

    All of a provider's infusion medication needs from Delta Care’s own infusion pharmacy as an option.


    Both controlled and non-controlled medications via an e-Prescribing application built into our Delta e-Tools Suite


    24/7/365 support for clinical decision-making, cost control and quality outcomes from Delta Care’s On-Demand Pharmacist Services (ODPS)

    ADAPT Health

    A turn-key software suite that allows your organization to offer all serious illness (hospice and palliative) patients a self-branded telehealth experience w/additional pharmaceutical care add-ons

    Virtual Intake Portal (VIP)

    A cloud-based app featuring a simple step-by-step experience for patients and caregivers that reduces the stress of a hospice admission

    Impactful EMR Interfacing

    Easy, quick, manageable EMR interfacing without the aggravation

    Deltalytics™ Advanced Reporting

    Delta Care’s web-based, proprietary, advanced, and comprehensive reports generator

    Inpatient Innovations

    A remote Delta Care pharmacy that sits in your inpatient unit or hospice house

    Education via Delta Campus

    Online webinars on pharmacotherapy topics offering no-cost CE credits for hospice clinicians

    Hospice Live™ Virtual Visits

    Bringing provider and pharmacist video consults directly to the patient bedside with no software download required


    Simplifying partner hospice’s participation in and compliance with state-specific Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs)


    An electronic CMS Addendum Tool (eCAT) that enables hospices to simply and easily comply with the October 2020 changes to the Hospice Election Statement

    DIY Hospice Program

    A Do-It-Yourself program for pharmacy benefit management and/or DME and medical supply management allowing providers to cherry-pick lower-priced drugs and DME

    Lily Clinician Assistant App

    A clinician assistant providing one tap access and voice access to all Delta Care Rx products and services

    CR-8358 Management Simplified (Medicare Rx Cost Reporting)

    Easy generation of customized reports to manage increasingly complex regulatory demands