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  • Hospice Compliance Network

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    About Us

    Compliance requires intense vigilance and ongoing monitoring of both external regulatory changes and internal processes to meet the requirements of regulations. The Hospice Compliance Network provides information, tools, resources and education to help hospices assess ongoing compliance and implement best practices in order to provide the highest quality of care to patients and families.

    The Hospice Compliance Network (HCN) was founded in 2000 by Jay Mahoney, Principal of Summit Group, LLC and former Executive Director of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.  Jay was well aware of the challenges hospices face with regulatory scrutiny, understanding hospice regulations and developing effective corporate compliance programs.  His goal with HCN was to develop a membership organization of hospices that were interested in networking with their peers on issues related to hospice regulations, corporate compliance programs and best practices. In 2014, Weatherbee Resources acquired HCN to continue the fine work that Jay began. (For more information read the press release regarding this transition). The need for an organization like HCN is greater today than ever. The goal of HCN, as a membership service provided by Weatherbee Resources, Inc., is to develop and implement a 360 degree framework for compliance with regulations, quality of care provided to patients and families and best practices that effectively interacts with the hospice’s compliance and QAPI programs.


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    The Hospice Compliance Network provides members with a variety of benefits focused exclusively on hospice compliance. Learn about each of these benefits and then join today to begin enjoying all that HCN has to offer.
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