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    About Us

    Since 2003 Wise Hospice Options has committed to providing dependable as well as affordable pharmacy management solutions to hospice organizations across the United States. This dedication towards true hospice community excellence has built a pharmacy management platform that delivers a local, streamlined, and cost-effective solution for managing your pharmacy benefits, while driving appropriate care for hospice patients in any setting.

    With advancing technology needs and the importance of appropriately managing pharmacy spend for your hospice, Wise Hospice Options is committed to providing a full-service pharmacy benefit management solution that aligns with the core values and goals of your hospice.

    We believe that by streamlining processes and delivering best-practice clinical insights, alongside the benefits of utilizing our expansive pharmacy network pricing, our clients can achieve a level of financial performance that consistently beats overall national averages.


    Service Categories

    Technology Solutions – EHR Integrations & E-Prescribing

    Wise Hospice Options has years of experience building and refining the technology that enable seamless and secure data integrations between your electronic health record and our PBM platform. Our interface technology enables seamless real-time transfer of patient demographic and medication profiles directly into our cloud-based web platform for immediate eligibility and patient record updates. This removes the requirement to fax, email, or manually enter duplicate data into multiple systems when a patient gets admitted or needs new medications.

    Clinical and administrative staff can expect a more efficient patient workflow from admission to discharge, and the ability to pre-populate patient demographic and medication information directly into our E-Prescribing system to streamline prescriber workflow.

    Our platform was designed to optimize workflows in the clinical environment so that your clinical staff will not get bogged down by unnecessary barriers to care.


    Support Services – Clinical & Customer Service

    24/7 Clinical Support

    With decades of experience in end of life care the Wise Hospice Options clinical team provides exceptional on-demand 24/7 service. Hospice staff can collaborate with our clinical team for:

    Medication profile reviews (first 5 days or ongoing)

    Complex symptom management collaborations.

    Assistance with therapeutic interchange to identify lower cost medications with equal effectiveness.

    Questions related to drug pricing, utilization, and classification.

    Hospice related education seminars.


    24/7 Customer Support

    For any technical or operational issues that otherwise may occur Wise Hospice Options employs a highly skilled in-house support staff. Average wait times for support calls are benchmarked at less than 20 seconds with a 99% answer rate. Hospice staff can call our support line to:

    Coordinate immediate resolutions for any pharmacy claim rejections or processing issues.

    Receive and process verbal prior authorizations.

    Assist with on-the-go patient admissions when access to your EHR system is unavailable.

    Dedicated long term care for processing of LTC patients and pharmacies.

    Technical support for ALL Wise Hospice Options systems or services.

    In-Depth Reporting

    Our clients receive comprehensive monthly reports that detail the cost and utilization of their pharmacy benefit. These include standard bench-marking metrics such as cost per patient day, physician utilization, and brand vs generic product mix. These reports allow hospice administration and clinical staff to either see a high-level view of their total organizational spend or detailed data at the patient or prescription level.

    The availability of this data helps staff make informed decisions about their overall prescribing approach and identifies areas for improvement on cost or effectiveness for your patients.