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    About Us

    AvaCare is a hospice pharmacy benefits manager specializing in clinical and financial medication management best practices. AvaCare serves a wide range of hospices across the nation. Our pharmacy team understands the fiscal and clinical challenges facing hospices today, and is committed to helping your hospice stay compliant and up to date.  

    Our Vision for Your Hospice

    • Seamless, efficient, cost-effective pharmacy claims adjudication
    • Clinical support for your staff that empowers them to provide the best care possible
    • Continual support for all CMS, COP, Part D, and regulatory pharmacy issues and challenges

    Medication Management

    At AvaCare, we are your advocate for the lowest possible pharmacy costs and the highest level of patient care.

    AvaCare offers the advantage of a competitive pricing model, designed to ensure your hospice receives the greatest value for all products that are ordered. AvaCare’s pricing model uses a fee for service structure that offers deeply discounted generic and brand name medications.

    With AvaCare, your hospice is in control of your pharmacy costs, which can reduce medication waste and overall medication spend compared with other per-patient-per-day plans. Our hospice partners pay ONLY for medications ordered. There are no miscellaneous or hidden fees, and all hospices receive the same high level of customer care from our team.


    Customer Service

    The AvaCare network includes more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.  AvaCare is an advocate for local pharmacies, and we are glad to partner with any pharmacy you would like to use.

    Nurse, patient, pharmacy and claim issues are our highest priority, and are addressed immediately.    At AvaCare, your phone call will be answered promptly by a member of our pharmacy team.  There are no long waits in order to have your pharmacy issues addressed and resolved. 

    Our hospice focused pharmacists guide nurses/physicians to help determine which medications to include and exclude from the hospice benefit.  Pharmacists are available 24/7/365 to advise nurses on symptom management, medication selection, pill identification, opioid conversions and dosing, and patient counseling at no additional charge.

    Our hospice nurses tell us that having a consistent pharmacist team available for consult 24/7 is invaluable.  Our pharmacists establish strong working relationships with the hospice nurses and medical directors who know they can call us anytime with their medication-related questions.  Your hospice will also have a team dedicated to customer service to ensure all of your needs are addressed quickly and efficiently.

    AvaCare believes in continually assessing and improving the quality of the services we provide and in helping our hospices to do the same. We are proud to inform you that we have never had a hospice terminate service with us due to complaints about our customer service or pricing!


    Symptom Management and Disease Driven Preferred Medications

    AvaCare offers the advantage of a flexible open medication list as well as a preferred formulary consisting of approximately 50 commonly used hospice medications. Only the medications approved by your hospice are included in the pharmacy benefit.  This flexibility allows your staff to control costs while providing the highest level of patient care, without delays getting medications “approved” by the PBM. Your hospice is in control!


    Comfort Packs

    Hospices LOVE our Color Coded Care Kits! These kits, which include seven medications often used for end-of-life issues, are shipped directly to the patient. Care Kits offer the advantage of color coding that makes counseling patients and caregivers easier and medication administration safer. 


    Client Dashboard and Technology

    AvaCare’s convenient, real time Client Dashboard is complimentary and provides practical tools for your hospice. It includes Statistical Metrics, Progress Reports, Billing Tools, and ePrescribe services.


    COP Compliance

    AvaCare assists the hospice with OIG compliance for patients in LTC facilities by working with your hospice to ensure that all hospice appropriate medications are billed to the hospice benefit. The following measures are in place:

    • Thirty day no-fill reports
    • Billing specialist who works directly with long term care pharmacies when rebills are needed


    Education, and Training

    AvaCare provides clinical training provided by a hospice trained Doctor of Pharmacy.  AvaCare will provide training convenient to your staff’s schedule. This can include nursing in-services on topics such as pain management, medication safety, and crisis management.  In addition, we provide monthly editions of RxTips, our handy clinical reference tool designed to help the busy nurse provide the best possible care to your hospice’s patients.


    Smooth, Seamless Transition

    • Program implementation geared to your time frame
    • Flexible training schedule for your nursing staff with our Doctor’s of Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy contracting handled prior to go live date


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