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    Train Hospice Volunteers     


    We developed our system of training materials to offer flexible solutions to meet the needs of both large and small Medicare certified hospice programs. We offer a SYSTEM of study materials developed specifically for hospice volunteers, and designed to complement and work with your training processes. Our Hospice Volunteer Training curriculum has been available nationwide since 2007. It is available on DVD, Video Portal and our latest E-learning Portal that includes on-line quizzes and system generated emails.

    Bereavement Training for Hospice Volunteers - Now available online for persons wishing to get involved in Bereavement work.

    Non-Patient Contact/Administrative VOL Training Specifically designed for volunteers who will not have direct patient contact.

    On-Line In-Services Select from our In-Service Courses to easily meet your standard for annual in-service requirements.

    Annual Volunteer Review

    BENEFITS:  Ready...  Set...  Go...

    Consistent, easy to follow core training:  By taking advantage of current technology, the hospice insures that all volunteers receive consistent and well presented information - a good FOUNDATION.  (Your staff may be fantastic, but they may not be good teachers.)   Our volunteer training is to the point, clear and concise.  The DVDs, Manuals and On-Line segments present the same core information, so feel free to use any of these learning tools to match the learning style and needs of your program and your volunteers

    Not ready to incorporate independent study? Our DVD videos can be shown in class, followed by discussion & interactive activities.  The Portal or DVDs can also be used for make up classes, when volunteers miss a session.  The  Blue Workbook coordinates with the DVD Set and Video Portal.  It can be used as a resource for the volunteer as well as providing excellent competency evaluation documentation - whether the hospice offers self-study or classroom training.

    Visit out website to learn more:

    • Save Resources - Time & Money - While enhancing Volunteer Training
    • Time Efficient & Effective Segments
    • Meet MEDICARE Standards
    • Competency Evaluation & Documentation

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