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    200 Hill Dr, Saint Meinrad, IN 47577-1301 United States

    About Us

    A work of Saint Meinrad Archabbey, CareNotes are compact, 5 x 7 inch, eight-page full color inspirational booklets that offer hope, help and healing for those who are hurting. Published since 1988, CareNotes have distributed over 100 million copies across the nation.

    Product Information

    CareNotes provide a wealth of emotional, recovery, health, grief and eldercare support and information in a compact 5 x 7 inch booklet. These wellness-oriented booklets address real-life emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. They are an outstanding wellness resource for the workplace, church, school, nursing home or hospice. CareNotes can be found prominently displayed in reception areas, break rooms and lounges in hospitals, clinics, churches, and other health care offices throughout t
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