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    About Us

    Enclara Pharmacia is a national full-service PBM and mail order supplier of medications and clinical services developed specifically for the hospice and palliative care industry. Enclara services over 500 customers and 90,000 patients nationally, helping to reduce pharmacy costs through a clinically driven model that enables home delivery of pharmaceuticals, as well as access to a network of over 65,000 retail pharmacies, including our own automated fulfillment pharmacies, and institutional pharmacies.

    Medication Access

    Enclara Pharmacia recognizes the unique challenges hospices face in accessing medications. We offer complete medication access solutions to best meet your organization’s needs.

    • Hospice PBM Local Access - In combination with Mail Order Pharmacy, or as a standalone local network of pharmacies, Enclara Pharmacia allows each hospice to preserve community pharmacy relationships while improving cost, quality, reliability and reporting.
    •  Mail Order - For over 20 years, our Mail Order service has been adopted by hospices seeking to provide a higher standard of service and better value. Enclara Pharmacia prices Mail Order dispensing the same or less than PBM Network Pharmacy dispensing and includes Standard Next Day delivery for new medication orders that may eliminate expensive and unpredictable courier services.


    Enclara’s solutions connect and share information across systems to improve care coordination, enable patient engagement, improve compliance and reduce labor costs. Redundant data entry, medication reconciliation, facilitated prescription processing and payor source documentation present challenges for most Hospices. We work closely in collaboration with our hospices and the software vendors to develop and enhance integration resulting in improved efficiency for our mutual clients.

    • Hospice EMR Integration
    •  ePrescribing
    •  Enclarity™ Business Intelligence

    E3 Mobile™

    E3 Mobile is a centralized patient management hub that streamlines ordering, fulfillment, and management for patient medications, DME, and medical supplies. E3 Mobile allows clinical staff to connect and share information across systems to improve care coordination, enable greater patient engagement, improve compliance, and reduce labor costs.

    Combined with Enclarity, our real-time analytic dashboards, Hospices executives have a unified comprehensive view of pharmacy, DME, and medical supply spend from a single platform. E3 Mobile provides nurses with the following:

    • Delivers a comprehensive app for ordering pharmacy, DME and med supply
    • Expedites electronic prescription processes, reducing the need to call prescribers
    • Eliminates duplicate entry and inconsistency in patient records across systems through EMR integration
    • Identifies designation for Pharmacy, DME and Med Supply items and allows for control of the approval process

    E3 Mobile provides nurses a better solution for managing patient medications, DME, and med supplies while on the go.

    Clinical Support

    Our hospice clinical support services are backed by more than 25 years’ experience and 150 trained hospice and palliative care pharmacists – we engage with you to help achieve your goals.

    • Utilization Management - Enclara provides each hospice with a dedicated Clinical Pharmacist Manager to provide the tools needed to support improving quality and financial outcomes through appropriate medication hospice reviews management. Working collaboratively, a strategic plan is created to provide hospice staff with protocols for medication access and technology for medication supply.
    • Formulary - Enclara Pharmacia has developed an evidence and value-based formulary designed to help clinicians select the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective therapies for their patients. Our clinical and supply chain experts continuously evaluate fluctuating medication availabilities and sourcing along with other market trends to protect our Hospice partners from rising medication costs and shortages.
    • Educational Tools - We are committed to bringing your staff the most up-to-date information, evidence-based tools, and learning opportunities so that your clinicians can provide high-quality care and support to every patient. Powered by our Partnership with Relias Learning, a leading provider of online continuing education for healthcare, we are more than just a hospice pharmacy.

    Customer Service

    Enclara Pharmacia excels when it comes to providing superb customer service and support. Our call center’s dedicated clinicians and professionals exist to serve your patients’ same-day needs.

    •  Available 24/7
    • Responsive Continuous Quality Improvement
    • Appropriate escalation and accountability

    Account Management - Enclara’s direct management ownership approach ensures a high level of accountability to you, our partner. We provide proactive account reviews with your hospice leadership to evaluate cost trends, service reports, and discuss any new service enhancements. Real-time dashboards, along with on demand and pushed reporting, ensures your hospice has the information when they need it. Each hospice partner is assigned a clinical pharmacist to provide strategic recommendations for medication utilization, offering improvement in appropriate, cost effective patient care.